Engineering Solutions

engineering solutions

Making your Equipment Work Harder for Longer

ProTech Flow Solutions provides a full technical support and design service. This can enhance efficiency, improve performance and extend the life of your equipment through bespoke engineering solutions.


The industry sector is defined by increasingly complex and large scale capital projects.  For this reason ProTech Flow Solutions has successful document control processes that can mitigate risk, coordinate deliverables and create an auditable record of all project documentation against Client's SDRL with full translation (if required) in accordance with Customers project requirements.

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Testing, Inspection and Certification

All products supplied by ProTech Flow Solutions undergo stringent testing and inspection procedures ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards, such as:

  • API
  • ISO
  • MSS-SP
  • ASME
  • ASTM

Testing Methods Include:

  • MPI
  • DPI
  • PMI
  • Extended Hydrotesting
  • Low Temperature Testing
  • High Pressure Gas Testing
  • Fugitive Emission Testing
  • Valve Modifications

This is your assurance that when you choose ProTech Flow Solutions, the high quality of the Valves, Pipe, Fittings and Flanges you receive is independantly verified and certified.